3½ Tips for making a great impression on camera – Photography Tips & Video Tips

3½ Tips for making a great impression on camera  – Photography Tips & Video Tips

Do you wonder how to make a great impression on camera? in this video, I will be sharing 3.5 simple photography and video tips on what to wear to look your best.

Photography Tips & Video Tips

I often get asked by my clients ‘what should I wear to my photoshoot and this is super important because we naturally judge a book by its cover and what we wear leaves people with an impression of us.

1. Wear solid colors, especially those that complement your skin and features- how do you know what, what do you feel great in, what have people complimented you on, those are great places to start, also ask a wardrobe stylist or someone you trust

2. Avoid patterns, and busy clothes, logos,

3. Wear what is appropriate to what you are trying to achieve- headshot, business, or casual, fun, serious

3½ Bring options, accessorize

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