5 easy tips to avoid looking awkward on camera

You ever wonder how to avoid looking awkward on camera and always look natural and relaxed? In this video I will share a few tips on how to break the ice and be yourself in from of the camera.

So many of us are really great in person but super weird on camera, we get tense and awkward we don’t know how to be all of the sudden. I have felt the same way and through working with thousands of people on both photo and video shoots I have developed a few simple techniques that always work to relax the client and get them to be natural on camera and have fun doing it.

1. Get to know the client, preferably ahead of time and if that is not possible then as you are preparing for the first shot. Make small talk, find out why they are doing the shoot, find out a little about them personally.

2.  Joke around and be playful, get them to be physical- dance, jump, stretch

3. Observe their body language, give them a massage, relax their shoulders, maybe they don’t know what to do with their hands, or how to stand, or where to look, maybe they are forcing a smile

4. Stop thinking, get out of your head and into your body, breathing, getting in touch with their body, feeling sensations- like feet on ground, cloths on skin

5. Come up with your own trick to take their mind off things, i say give me the finger- loosens them up catch them off guard


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