Hiring a Videographer? Here’s 5 Things to Consider

If you’re already underway with a marketing strategy involving great video production content, or on the cusp of doing so, then congratulations – you’re already one step ahead in the marketing game. But in this digital era, when video marketing campaigns are becoming easier to produce, you’ll want to ensure that your content stands out from the crowd. To do this, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a first-rate video production company.  The following 5 things to consider when hiring a videographer is a rundown of some of the main features to look for in your videographer.


1) A Targeted Campaign

In the world of videography, serving the needs of the end user is key. You probably have a firm idea of what your message is, who it’s destined for and why it’s relevant to them. Next, you need to communicate these fundamentals to your video production team so they can take an active interest in your audience and what matters to them.  That way your content will be much more likely to be tailored and relevant. Great videographers know how to structure and present content to best serve your purpose.


2) Detail-Oriented

As with most things in life, a day’s shooting will only run smoothly if everybody is on the same page and up-to-speed on what’s required. This takes planning, sometimes on a minuscule level, and is an unavoidable part of video production. Only hire the services of a videographer who’s focused on the nitty-gritty details. This will save you unnecessary expenditure, in terms of both money and time, considering re-shoots and endless edits.  An experienced videographer can foresee potential pitfalls and will help you avoid them and lead you through the shooting process.


3) The Gear and Set-Up

Even the most revolutionary vision and video script will go to waste and effectively be lost without the right equipment to shoot it with. This often requires a multi-camera set-up to capture different angles. Audiences quickly lose patience with muffled and poor sound quality, so top-notch and varied audio recording options are also a must. Finally, lighting is often one of the key factors that differentiates a mediocre video from a professional-looking product of which you can be proud. Every shooting environment is different, so consult with your videographer to help focus on working with your location to produce the best final product.


4) A Willingness to Understand the Content You Need

Whatever form web content takes, Internet users are bombarded with it left, right and center. When it comes to crafting video production content, videographers understand this better than anyone. They are in a prime position to guide and advise you on how best to capture your audience’s attention with your particular message. This will sometimes require a short and snappy approach, using a crisp, succinct and direct production style. At other times, a more in-depth and considered method will fit the bill. Look for flexibility in their approach, as well as a willingness to hear you out.  In short, look for a videographer that asks questions in order to understand your needs and incorporates this into their plan.


5) The Working Environment

Last but not least, shooting a video can and should be lots of fun. This applies equally to serious corporate shoots as it does to other types of content. To get the best out of you as a client, videographers should put you at ease and ensure that you’re comfortable with the shoot conditions. After all, we’re not all the next budding film star, and some of us are downright self-conscious in front of a camera! With this in mind, select a videographer who has a calm demeanor and is able to put you at ease.

Getting It Right Makes All the Difference

Some corporations still choose to upload homemade video content. To avoid content that is inferior, of low quality, and therefore less impactful, choose professionally-produced material to match and even enhance your brand image.

If you’re looking to shoot your first project, or are unhappy with your current videographers and hoping to upgrade, we’d be happy provide a free consultation that will help you determine if we’re the right fit for you. Our team is experienced and focused on your success.

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