5 Tips to looking your best on camera – Selfie Photography & Video Tips

Have you ever wondered how to lose the 10 pounds the camera adds?  In this video, I share 5 professional tips to looking your best on camera from the best angle to stand and how to position yourself. Look awesome every time!

Selfie Photography & Video Tips

  1. Capture yourself at a 45-degree angle
    this way you can slim down the 10lbs the camera adds and give depth to your body resulting in a slimmer and more defined look.
  2. Elongate your neck
    it is natural for us to hold our head up in a way that gives us a second chin, we squeeze our head back, and to compensate for this on a camera you need to stretch you neck slightly pushing it out enough tighten the skin of you neck
  3. Look directly into the lens not at the screen
    how many times have you seen someone on video speaking to the camera but their eyes don’t connect, they may be looking at the screen or reading their lines and the impact of that is that there is a disconnect for the viewer. For best results look right into the lens of your camera, if there is a screen there like on your laptop or cell phone make sure you are not looking at yourself but looking right into the lens. This way you set yourself up powerfully to connect with your audience.
  4. Have the camera slightly higher than your eye-line
    lastly, have your camera straight in front of your eyes slightly higher than your eye-line. you don’t want to have the camera lower having you looking down into it because it leaves you with an awkward position looking up your nose.
  5. Dummy check your aesthetic
    before you start rolling do a quick check of your teeth make sure they are clean, your  nose, make sure there are no bats in the cave, spot check your face and take your shotRemember to have fun with it. although at first, it may seem like a lot to do to prepare, once you make it a habit it’s a 3 seconds process to get ready for your own professional selfie.
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