6 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Videos Right Now

As you know, reshoots and extensive editing can be time-consuming and costly. Aside from choosing your target audience and determining a clip’s placement, how else can you improve your corporate videos before filming? Here are six straightforward ways to improve your next production:

1) Find Your “Why”

Video productions are commonly used for marketing, promotion, education, and internal needs. Just because your competitor made a video is not on its own a compelling and meaningful reason to produce one of your own.

Understanding your “why” is vital to the success of the project. How does it support your marketing plan?  Are you launching new services, rebranding your company, or improving product inventory? Have you updated equipment or opened a new location? Identify both your target audience and purpose for the production before committing anything to camera.

2) Hire a Scriptwriter

The most successful film productions start with a strong script. There is no shame in outsourcing your script. The writer must understand the ins and outs of the production, striking a balance between what will be spoken and what will be included visually.   You should ensure you clearly communicate to the writer your brand and the tone you want to convey to your target audience so they can weave these into the script.

3) Include B-Roll FootageVideo Producer on Shoot

If you’ve found a great location and planned all of the shots for your production, consider whether there is room for anything in between? B-roll footage is the category of alternative shots that add visual interest to a production. They supplement the story and can help keep viewers engaged. If your current plan is to jump from long shot to long shot, consider mixing in a bit of b-roll.

4) Ensure All Audio is Crystal-Clear

It is often assumed that the camera is the most important piece of equipment on set, and a good camera is vital, however, the audio profoundly impacts the quality of corporate videos as well. Audio of poor quality spells disaster for your production, as viewers will be much more likely to mute, scroll past, or click away. If filming indoors, make sure the equipment is top-notch, and all microphones are set up properly. If filming outdoors, consider wind and roadside traffic. Clear, clean audio will help your viewers focus on the production’s message.

5) Be Selective with the Talent

In many cases, including client testimonials or employee interviews can strengthen a production. The same goes for hiring actors to bring a script to life. However, having the wrong people in front of the camera can spell disaster for your production. Vet your choices carefully, and keep an eye out for any red flags. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pacing and delivery
  • Diction and clarity
  • Heavy accents or drawls (if not using captions)
  • Overly enthusiastic participants
  • Withdrawn personalities
  • Distracting gestures
  • A look or mannerism or voice that don’t fit your brand

The same principles apply to choosing a voiceover, which must be clear, warm, and inviting.

6) Work with an Experienced Crew

Great videography requires an expert and experienced crew. Filmmaking is a creative process that is multifaceted and multidirectional, including the audience, location, script, lighting, angles, purpose, and more. Unfortunately, many productions fall prey to inexperience, resulting in footage that is either overly stiff and clichéd or busy and jumbled. Working with an experienced crew is the best way to ensure that your production succeeds. They can help you consider the story, tone, direction, and media placement, working in an organized manner that keeps the production on time and budget.

Ready to Tackle Your Next Production?

Keep these tips in mind when brainstorming, writing, and storyboarding your next film project. Improving your approach to filmmaking will put your resources to good use and help ensure success.

We Can Help!

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