A Beginner’s Guide to Get Going with the Skill of Photography

Writing captions as narratives are also an integral part of a photo story that should help the viewer understand each shot of the series. Captions expand the photographer’s as well as viewer’s understanding of a snap shot.

Planning is an essential part of the process for visual storytelling ahead of photography. Create a tentative structure in mind and write your plan. This will help you to think and create a narrative around the photographs.

Your photography plan should include the following steps: selecting the topic, themeĀ  or message; research on the topic; clarifying your topic though probable images; and finally planning your shots.

Just like a film, your visual narrative should have a lead or opening shot; two-three establishing long and mid shots, 5-10 interactive and sequential shots to build the story, and a conclusion or closing shot to end the story. Photo stories: A beginner’s guide to get going with the skill


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