A GameChanger App in Promoting Videos

GameChanger is an apt name for this unique light. Instead of the typical fixture in a round design, the Qualite light is made of modular, rectangular bars that are stackable, flexible and positional — a huge departure from others on the market.

The system can be programmed remotely, with adjustments and scheduling controlled through an app. The LED lights are energy efficient and optimized for high-definition TV. Besides the circuit boards, every part is American-manufactured in Michigan, and they’re still less expensive than the competition by about half.

Throughout the creation of the GameChanger, Hutzel worked with manufacturing, engineering, brand and marketing. As well as helping develop the light’s design, he used his graphic design experience to create imagery for Qualite’s exhibits, advertisements and technical guides; he oversaw photo shoots and drone video work which led to overseeing the creation of a promotion video. Some might call this process “design thinking.”

Today, the term is something of a buzzword in higher education and the business world. It refers to the creative strategies designers use that can be applied across all disciplines within an organization. But for Hutzel, it’s something he’s been doing his entire career. He prefers the term “design doing,” citing a quote by Chris Nodd, a respected user-experience consultant: “I prefer to talk about design doing rather than design thinking. The thinking part is essential. That’s where some creative new solutions to problems come from. But design has little value without implementation.

Deciding what’s worth implementing, planning how that implementation will progress and tracking that progress through to release and beyond are key to actually delivering on the creative solutions.” This spoke to Hutzel on many levels. “Design thinking sets a structure for getting design done. But design doing is the implementation of that and overseeing that. That’s the meat of any design problem, product or development,” Hutzel says. “I’ve always been a doer. So that spoke to me pretty strongly, that I would be able to be involved in a project longer if I was more of the hands-on guy.”GameChanger, University of Cincinnati


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