A Kaleidoscope of Colors of the Natural Landscape

Awash in vibrant color, Ty Newcomb‘s contemporary landscape photography is at once familiar and surreal. By enhancing the hues of nature, he pulls out a kaleidoscope of colors that reminds views of the glory of the natural landscape. Also working in all aspects of commercial photography, Newcomb’s landscape photographs are a creative escape that allows him to translate his emotions into an image.

Mainly shooting in and around Colorado and the mountain regions of Arizona, the bubblegum palette pairs with his keen eye for composition, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful imagery. We had a chance to speak with the photographer, asking him about his influences and the role that color plays in his work. Read on for our exclusive interview.

I always loved landscape photography because I could take a beautiful scene and make it exactly how I saw it or replicate how it made me feel in real life, because often pictures don’t do places or events justice, so by adding my artistic style and flair, it better represents to me how the scene made me feel or what I saw from it myself but couldn’t properly capture with conventional photography techniques I saw all over the internet and in books. Interview: Colorful Landscape Photography by Ty Newcomb


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