A Pokemon-themed Graduation Photoshoot

Professional graduation photoshoots are a must among Thais, but instead of having one at Chatuchak Park like most people do, a photographer and his client decided to bring one of their mutual childhood dreams to life in the shoot.


The photographer, who only wished to be identified as Premwut, 24, told Coconuts, “I think it all started from my childhood, actually. All the 90s kids grew up with anime, and Pokémon is the top anime of my heart.”

“Now all the 90s kids are graduating…all the anime figures that I’ve been collecting since my childhood, maybe I want to bring them to life! When I was young, I thought about what it would be like to be in the world of Pokémon.”

And just like that, the photographer and the graduate, both kids of the 90s, agreed on the concept for the shoot. Thai guy’s Pokémon-themed graduation photoshoot is a childhood dream come true | Coconuts Bangkok


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