A Simple Interface to Advance Photo Edits

The original Pixelmator is popular because of the $30 price but Pixelmator Pro could stand on a number of advanced features.

Pro-level image editing usually means hundreds of options divided into dozens of windows, panels, menus, and tabs, but the photo-editing community will soon have access to a professional-grade, artificially intelligent software with a minimalist interface. Announced Tuesday, Pixelmator Pro 1.0 is a Mac photo editor designed to mix high-end tools with a simpler interface.

Coming from the same company behind the $30 budget Pixelmator, Pixelmator Pro uses a single-window interface for non-destructive photo editing, according to the developers. Unlike the original, Pixelmator Pro includes a number of more pro-level features, including RAW support.

AI is behind a number of the program’s features, including a repair tool for removing unwanted objects quickly, matching the gap using data from the surrounding pixels. Images can also automatically be straightened by detecting the horizon in the shot. A quick selection tool is also powered by AI, along with a tool that automatically names the layers in the file.

Pixelmator Pro includes a number of non-destructive edits, which allows users to go back and modify edits without deleting everything that has happened since. The non-destructive tools include color adjustments, effects, styles and layout tools. The program is also equipped with a number of presets, allowing users to create their own custom quick edits by combining and saving multiple steps. The program also includes dual texture brushes and power-painting tools, as well as reshaping, text, type and vector options. Pixelmator Pro brings simple, single-window interface to advanced photo edits


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