An Invaluable Insight into the Business Side of Photography

The London-based photographer Steve Brown is a master image-maker. Brown understands the value of the perfect visual, the right stylistic flourishes to bring his dynamic tableaux to life.

Technically adroit, intuitive and fizzing with empathy, Brown is cognizant of the power of representation and cultural diversity, and his photos reflect this rich Weltanschauung. In Steve Brown’s world, the spiritual and the corporeal remain intertwined, fusing together to form the most mind-melting portraits. In this exclusive interview, he breaks down his origin story, which begins in Bradford, and gives us a glimpse into the mind of one of the most talented young photographers at work today.

How did you embark on your photographic career? What was the spark of the imagination that made you think, I want to do this for as long as I’m alive?

My parents, and indeed my grandparents, were keen amateur photographers so I was exposed to it from a young age, but I originally wanted to be an illustrator, and so after finishing school I did a one year art foundation course at Bradford University, wheres we were exposed to different art disciplines; painting, illustration, sculpture etc, and photography. The photography was the bit that really caught my interest and so I went on to do a photography degree and never looked back. Steve Brown, a Visionary Photographer in Focus | HuffPost


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