Awarding of the First-ever Comedy Pet Photography

After founding The Comedy Wildlife Awards in 2015, wildlife photographer Paul Johnson-Hicks and African landscape photographer Tom Sullam created a competition dedicated to our lovable pets and announced the winners earlier this month.

IFL Science reported that the competition received over 2,500 entries from at least 73 countries from around the world, including the Philippines, Mexico, Uganda, Kazakhstan and New Zealand.

Sullam told them that some images had been shot on smartphones [and] most of them were sharp and well composed. “As photographers, both Paul and I were thrilled to see so much quality from entrants using non-professional photographic equipment!”

He also revealed that the competition isn’t just in order for people to have a good laugh, but about something more serious. “The competition is aimed at raising animal welfare awareness, but also to enjoy photography and get people out photographing, and we feel the competition achieved this.” Winners of the first-ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017 [photos]


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