Copyright Law for Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night

As long as the lights aren’t on, photographers can capture stunning images of Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

As a photographer, it’s always important to understand copyright laws in whatever country you’re photographing. For instance, most people know that you’ll need a model release if you intend on publishing images of people for commercial or editorial purposes. But what if you want to photograph, or simply use imagery of, a famous monument—one that’s outdoors in public space?

This is where things can get tricky. Half as Interesting has published a great video that gives a quick crash course on public domain, copyright law, and what you can safely photograph, using the Eiffel Tower as its lead example. Wait… does this mean you can’t photograph the Eiffel Tower? Not exactly, but it all depends on what time of day you are shooting the photograph. Copyright Law and Why Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night Are Illegal


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