Decorated with Scenes of Colorful Photography

The photography series “The Dramatic Leaf” by Matt Reese is on display through Nov. 16 at the O’Brien Photo Gallery.

Reese’s photography is unique because of his use of adaptable lenses that enhance the natural beauty of his subjects and nature scenes.

Reese uses manual focus lenses, not all of which were originally designed for cameras, such as a German slide projector lens or the 25 mm ­English-made lens from a 16 mm movie camera. The artist does not use image manipulation software; his photos are a combination of special lenses, light and the material surrounding the subject, Reese said.

Hoskins, an artist, author and former college weaving teacher, will speak about the more than a 100,000 tapestries, from small fragments to large wall hangings, that were discovered in the burial grounds of Coptic Egypt by the French Egyptologist Albert Gayet. The tapestries are decorated with scenes of colorful birds, fish, fruit, flowers, figures, portraits and religious symbols. These tapestries reveal the rich cultural construct of the time and place in which they were created, organizers said. O’Brien Photo Gallery to display Matt Reese’s photographs; dive into Coptic Egypt tapestries | Arts | Eugene, Oregon


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