Environment for Darkroom Photography

Photoland here at Evergreen is a haven for all things photography and it’s available to use for free for enrolled students. While it is one of Evergreen’s many amazing resources, its commitment to providing a dedicated environment for darkroom photography makes it stand out on a very short list of other colleges around the country still willing to support it. Photoland provides everything needed from start to finish for both film and digital photography.

This introduction will get you started with what you need to know about using Photoland so you can get your dirty hands dirtier with acetate, developers, and grimy but amazing rental cameras. Regardless if you are a photography student, like taking nude self-portraits or are simply curious about the medium in general, the staff there will be happy to help you out. If you aren’t interested in learning how to develop and print your own photos, they’ll even do it for you for a small charge.

Photoland is located on the first floor of the library building — the floor below the library lobby. The main areas of Photoland are the developing station, the darkroom, the Digital Imaging Studio (the DIS), and the photography studios which are located in the library basement and require a reservation to use unlike most of the other amenities here.

All of the chemicals required to develop black and white film are provided by Photoland. The darkroom has over ten enlargers for printing. The DIS has many, many computers with the latest photo editing software as well as two large scale professional printers. You can also scan your film negatives in the DIS and convert them to digital files — a faster and cheaper method than darkroom printing. The photo studios in the basement offer three professional studios, each with a three-light flash set up, seamless paper backdrops, and an array of lighting modifiers. The Lowdown on Photoland | Cooper Point Journal


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