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Join us on August 17, 2013 for the worldwide I Am Equality Campaign launched by the EqualityTV Network. We will be in 14 cities and 5 countries on Saturday, August 17th to kick off the inaugural photo campaign. The I Am Equality campaign is a multimedia PSA which exposes people around the world to visual representations of what our families, communities, and neighbors look like and what they intend to do to make the world a better place.
Founder, Lisa Mae Brunson, created the campaign in an effort to educate and inspire people to recognize that normal comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, abilities, ages and geographic locations. When we can demonstrate diversity and acceptance of all life then we will embrace true Equality. Ms. Brunson states. The campaign also asks participants: What will YOU do to make Equality Go Viral? and inspires an important call to action.
The Free Photo campaign will be held in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Bay Area, New York, Austin, Phoenix, Toronto, Australia, New Zealand and other cities. As of 8-11-2013, Ms. Brunson was contacted by a company in Ekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia, who wants to sponsor an I Am Equality Campaign event. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Ms. Brunson states. Whether or not we are able to make this event happen in Russia, the efforts towards achieving equality start with seeds being planted, and we have planted seeds for change in Russia!

IAE Angela Madsen
Ms. Brunson teamed up with a variety of award-winning photographers, organizations and inspired individuals around the globe to produce this worldwide event. She has partnered with the Australian Marriage Equality to create a Sydney, Australia event hosted by Sydney’s Member of Parliament, Alex Greenwich, who is the co-founder of the Australian Marriage Equality and the FIRST gay married MP of Australia. Other campaign photographers include Lady Gaga’s former tour photographer, Richard Yagutilov in Toronto, Equality Photographer, Amy Mayes in New York, visionary photographer, Rachel Wolfe in Los Angeles, and Maree Turner in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Richard has worked with larger than life personalities like Lady Gaga, Akon, Kardinal Offishall and several Hollywood celebrities. His soft-spoken and compassionate demeanor provides an organic flow that allows a whole vision to unfold in an inspiring and powerful way. Richard enjoys making his subjects feel comfortable and engaged to extract amazing images. His use of surreal colors, compositions and enhanced image processing compliments his distinct sense of style. Richard states: It is always about the final image and the way it makes you feel when you look at it. I work with that in mind and make it my priority to set a comfortable environment. It is my sincere aim to give each client personal attention, to enhance their goal and always give more in value then I receive in compensation. No ego, no rushing, no tension, if it isn’t fun we won’t do it! Richard has partnered with the Academy of Lions gym to offer the Toronto, Canada I Am Equality event. www.yougottalove.com and www.academyoflions.com

The mission of the I Am Equality Campaign is to celebrate self-expression to educate and inspire people to embrace diversity, culture and equality within communities, families and individuals across the globe. Ms. Brunson adds, We believe that to create global awareness and inspire people to celebrate differences we must be exposed to new ideas. People all over the world represent one important connection: We are all human. We want to know what people are doing to make sure we live in a world where Equality can exist.

Shaka IAE
By declaring I Am Equality you are not only representing who you are in the world, but impacting generations with a message that in order to accept others, we must celebrate who we are every day! EqualityTV embraces and celebrates individuality and equality for all. We are Celebrating Humanity!
You can be a part of making Equality Go Viral by participating in having your photo taken at various locations around the world. Our New York event will be held from 1 pm 4 pm at Academy of Lions Gym, 64 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON. M6J 2Y7 (Photography will be on third floor)
Participants can also interact with the campaign via Twitter @WeAreEquality. #iamequalitycampaign To learn how you can participate in the I Am Equality Campaign and help make equality go viral, please visit our Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/iamequality

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