Kids’ Halloween Photoshoot Inspired by the Movie, “IT”

That is an impressive three-year old that would stand for this. Being dressed up as Pennywise from IT has to take some time and for a three-year old that seems like an interminable amount of patience, but obviously he did what was needed and allowed his seventeen-year old brother to don him in the makeup and clothing of the dreaded clown from Stephen King’s nightmarish, upcoming film. It might send chills down your spin but it’s a work of art really that is pretty amazing.

It looks like Pennywise, the early years. Of course if you go by the book Pennywise would have never actually been a child. IT would have still been a monster attempting to take form, but the creature would have still been around. But just imagine if IT was a young Pennywise at one time, it would have looked something like this. Had prehistoric men seen this would they have run or attacked IT? Hard to say really, but either way they would have been goners.

In the original movie Tim Curry’s Pennywise was standing on the water, never rising from it. But that’s what makes this version so inherently creepy is the fact that the creature is going aquatic. The image of this thing coming up out of any body of water would be enough to give most people a serious case of the chills. There’s no doubt that some people would freeze while others would bolt as soon as his eyes were visible.

Something about clowns and balloons screams innocence to some people but it says danger to others. A lot of people seem to blame IT for making people afraid of clowns. But the reality of it is that some people have never trusted clowns. There’s something so inherently unnerving about the face paint, the clothes, and the manner in which they walk, talk, and just act in general. People don’t need a monster movie to be scared of something, even though that theory is pretty sound since it’s been seen to happen before. Remember Jaws? A lot of people wouldn’t even go near a lake or a river just for fear that there might be a shark lurking in the depths. Pennywise might have scared some people off of clowns, but he definitely wasn’t the first film clown to do so. Kids Dresses Little Brother Up Like Pennywise For A Freaky IT Themed Photoshoot


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