Lady Gaga is taking the world by storm

Lady Gaga has taken the whole world by storm selling out concerts and setting world records for popularity. She is the most downloaded on youtube, has the most fans on facebook, it just keeps going.
I had the pleasure of working with her as she was blowing up and I called it right then, she is gonna be the next Madonna. Looks like its going in that direction, Lady Gaga has brought pop to new heights with fans in every country and of all ages. Even started her very own cult following labeled MONSTER. With MONSTERLOVE, MONSTERFAMILY etc. she is proving to be quiet a trend setter.

I photographed Lady Gaga while on tour with her for The Fame and previously released only a couple of photos. I have decided to release a few more now for all the fans out there. Enjoy, feel free to share and if you use it somewhere or post it on your site its cool with me just let me know. Send me a link to see it online.

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