Latest iPhone Camera to Show Better Photos and Videos

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP worldwide marketing, announces features of the new iPhone 8

We expect smartphones to provide rapidly improving cameras, and the reveal of iPhone 8 brings lots of new tech. However, better photos and video are no longer the main objective: The new target is augmented reality.

The future of virtual reality entertainment is an ongoing debate but Apple, like other major tech companies, assumes it’s the future. Much of the new camera’s tech is designed for AR — the image signal processor, TrueDepth camera, dot projector, ambient light sensor. The iPhone cameras, particularly the completely new iPhone X, can read three-dimensional space and light; the volumetric readings can create a three-dimensional gaming experience, or allow you to point a camera at an object and get information about it. (Apple released the ARkit to developers earlier this year.)

This AR camera technology does boost some specific improvements to the iPhones’ photo and video capabilities.

iPhone “Portrait Mode”

Sharper Images: The ability to read three dimensional space should vastly improve the camera’s auto-focus, resulting in better detail and texture in all three cameras.

Smoother Videos: All three cameras have a sophisticated motion tracking system, which should lend itself to smoother, more fluid videos of moving objects, especially when shooting at a higher frame rate.

Portrait Lighting (beta): First introduced on the 7 Plus, the portrait mode brings your subject into sharp relief and forces the backdrop to fall out of focus, mirroring a portrait taken with a long-lens DSLR camera. The 8 Plus and X include will include the beta version of “portrait lighting,” which reads the three-dimensional shape of your subject’s face and presents different studio-lighting presets. New iPhones Look Beyond Better Photos and Videos: It’s All About AR | IndieWire


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