Learning the Styles of Photography

Today we’re featuring Ryan McGibbeny from St. Petersburg, FL. We invited Ryan to submit a sampling of his photography, along with a short write-up, both of which you will find below.

“I have a background in audio production and was in a local band with some touring experience. I never thought about picking up a camera, but when I joined the promo team at Cox Media Group I gravitated towards it. I volunteered to help out and was taught the basics from a knowledgeable employee. In no time, I was shooting events, concerts and marketing materials for fun and quickly found that I might just have an eye for this.

I decided to purchase my first camera, a Nikon d7200, about a year and a half ago. (I have since moved to a Sony a7rii.) My girlfriend, Taryn Daley, and I both learn and travel together, taking our shared hobby to new levels. My favorite shots are of landscapes and nature, or of run-down abandoned places! I love contrasty, dark tones and have since gotten deep into color science and grading of both photo and video. My goal is to become as versatile as possible while retaining my individual “style.” I try to learn something new every day.” Amateur photographer spotlight: Ryan McGibbeny, St. Petersburg, FL. | Tampa Bay Times


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