Mark Freeland on Normal Avenue : Val Dunne Photography

Mark Freeland on Normal Avenue : Val Dunne Photography

If you’re at all familiar with the history of music in Buffalo, then you know the name Mark Freeland. Freeland was not only one this city’s most eccentric characters, he was also one of the most talented. He was a fabulous artist and musician, whose works continue to be recognized to this day. Not only was Freeland the front man for the group Electroman, he was also a prolific muralist, which some of you may not know because most of his work was eradicated as the city’s renaissance got underway.

Fortunately, photographer Val Dunne was able to capture Freeland as he painted one of his most recognizable public art works – a wall piece at the corner of Connecticut Street and Normal Avenue (year 1988). It’s a good thing that she did, because when the wall was scrubbed, so was a significant part of Mark’s legacy.

Now Dunne is looking to memorialize Freeland’s work in the form of a book. She has started a crowdfunding campaign, which will see her project come to life. Once complete, Dunne hopes to share the memory of the artist and his wall with his old friends. She also hopes that people unfamiliar with Mark’s work tune into the epic life of the artist and musician. The book will serve as another significant tribute to Mark, and the indelible mark that he left on Buffalo.

“Mark Freeland on Normal Avenue” will be an 8×10 landscape softcover book, printed locally in Buffalo. The crowdfunding support levels start at $10, which gets you some postcards, but for $25 you get Kraft macaroni & cheese and a book (best deal).

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