Mermaids For Change Photoshoots Involve Children

With lower-income school systems experiencing cuts and defunding of their ocean education and field trip programs, the next generation needs outside help when it comes to learning what they can do to protect our oceans. Fortunately for said school systems, Mermaids For Change — an organization dedicated to teaching kids about ocean conservation — is stepping up to the plate.

Mermaids For Change was founded by radio co-host and executive producer Crissy Whalin, and underwater, nature, and fashion photographer Chiara Salomoni. Both women are passionate about protecting the ocean environment and educating others about the importance of doing so.

Yesterday was a blessing. @mermaidsforchange together with a local school and the help of @naturezwayofficial @keiko_conservation and @savinwildlifeproject got to spend a wonderful morning cleaning up a local beach and having a lot of fun! Here’s one of the students working on his #nerdsagainstnurdles piece thank you so much to everyone who made it possible and for our amazing partner and manager @crissycrissybobissy #cleanup #oceanconservation #teach #respect #kindness #care #naturezway This organization is teaching kids about ocean conservation with help from mermaids


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