Night Photography Tips

The latest artist-in-residence at Mesa Verde National Park gave photography-minded visitors a free guide to the night sky on Friday.

Chris Eaton, a fine art photographer from Grand Junction, took nighttime photographs in the park from Sept. 4 through 16 as part of its artist residency program. On Friday, he gave a free presentation on his latest work to a small crowd of campers and Montezuma County residents in the park’s Morefield Campground. He also offered a workshop for photographing the night sky.

Eaton has been taking pictures as a hobby for about 30 years, but he said he started his career as a photographer trying to capture lightning. His focus changed during one particular storm about six years ago.

“I was shooting this storm, and I wasn’t really paying much attention, but all of a sudden, I looked up and I could see the stars,” he said. “I looked for more opportunities like that, to get a few stars with the storm.” Chris Eaton talks night photography at Mesa Verde


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