Nike Ad: Award winner in Applied Arts Magazine

A while back I set up a commercial spec shoot just as a portfolio piece. The concept was to create a 30 second television commercial using stills blended and morphed together to produce a kind of surreal live action/ animation feel. We shot with an real Olympic runner at the Bloor Collegiate on Bathurst and Bloor st. Downtown Toronto during the summer and retouched the images and sent them off to my CGI and FX team to begin the edit. This was a lot more complex then we all anticipated and after some anti climactic shots were edited together I realized it needed something a little extra. Had a very talented music producer and friend Elliot Zeitoune compose a high energy music track and Kevin Swartz put a kick ass sound effect track to it and it started to get more of a life to it. I re-edited the spec ad from the traditional 30 sec spot down to a 15 second teaser trailer and that improved the overall feel for the commercial. This images was a collaborative effort with Filip Radu who took my images of the Nike Runner and used his 3d magic and some after effects to generate this cool electric look.

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