Photography in the Wildlife

After spending countless lunch breaks outside staring at a wooded lot and pond at his former job, Jordan West decided to pass the time by using a point-and-shoot camera to document his surroundings.

It was only meant to be for fun, but over the months it became more of an addiction as he began tracking wildlife he’d see in the area. His friends encouraged him to take his photography a step further. West invested in his first “nice” camera — a Canon Rebel — and started a career as a wildlife photographer.

Now, seven years later, the 31-year-old spends his free time after work and on weekends traveling throughout Greater Cincinnati and the region, photographing a myriad of species from bears and bald eagles to herons and deer.

“People always say there‚Äôs nothing to do there or they have to go out West to see something beautiful and to hike. We have tons of wildlife, tons of birds, countless hidden little preserves in parks. You just have to look,” said West.

Some of his favorite spots include Burnet Woods, East Fork Lake, Cincinnati Nature Center and Fernald Preserve where he’s spent years getting to know the wildlife, particularly birds. For the past three, he’s been following a family of barred owls in Burnet Woods. He’s also been tracking the region’s bald eagle population. Wild Cincy: Nature photographer Jordan West talks local wildlife and photo tips – WCPO Cincinnati, OH


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