Photography that Documents the Reality of City Life

Soft pinks, dusty greens, pale blues and lemon yellows, Nguan’s pastel colour palette makes the cities he photographs seem almost dreamlike.

“Colour is an integral part of my work,” he confesses. “I think of colour as a form of grammar – it gives my images structure, and I sometimes toy with the syntax for emphasis or effect,” he says.

But, there is more to his work than just the aesthetic. “I’m interested in the unspectacular details of city life – the barely perceptible interactions that nevertheless reveal so much about how we live and who we are,” he says. Accordingly, his photos explore themes related to life in a big city, including the poignant loneliness of the everyday.There is a certain romanticism to Nguan’s work, one that begs to draw comparison to other photographers such as Alec Soth, Rinko Kawauchi and Sally Mann, amongst others. Interestingly though, Nguan never formally studied photography and, rather, chose to find his artistic voice in an unconventional way.

“The only photography class I ever took was a two-day workshop in 2006 with Bruce Davidson. I firmly believe in finding your own path, and I don’t know if formal education is a help or hindrance in that regard,” Nguan says.In 2017, Nguan released his latest book titled Singapore , a work that captures the everyday realities of the country he calls home. At the same time, his 95,000-strong following on Instagram makes sure that he regularly updates his social media account, where he shares work from a number of ongoing projects. Meet Nguan: The Banksy-esque photographer documenting the reality of city life | Catch News


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