Salvador Dali homage – Surreal design image composite

When I work on creative images I do it mainly for myself as a creative outlet. 98% of the time these creative composites are not created for clients nor used by them. Whenever I shoot a job for a client there are usually a few pictures that get inspired and usually lead me to create something more with them.
In this case we shot clean Herb Ritts inspired beauty type images for a company called Anuaura who makes natural skincare products. During the photo shoot I got inspired by Kedar’s profile (the owner and creator of Anu). I have always been a fan of surreal art and especially Salvador Dali and his paintings of strange ominous landscapes and invisible reflections. I wonder if anyone will notice the subtleties in the image, it is always a work in progress and will hopefully get better as i create more. Thanks for looking, I welcome your comments and creative criticisms.

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