Short-form Video is The Next Big Thing

A millennial isn’t likely to commit to watching a video that stretches on for longer than a couple of minutes.

So used to having everything on-demand, the millennial doesn’t want to spend time on long adverts. Today’s younger audiences record their TV shows so they can skip through the breaks, wince when they have to watch a full advertisement on YouTube, and at last count – in April – consume 10 billion 10-second Snapchat videos a day. In February, it was eight billion videos.

Recent data from AOL suggests that 52 percent of young people aged between 18 and 24 prefer short-form video content in advertisements. It’s no surprise therefore that short-form videos, like catnip to today’s consumer, represent the future of content marketing.

To remain on-trend, brands need to consider realigning marketing budgets to include this new style of snackable video content.

It all began with Vine. In early 2013, Vine introduced the six-second video, challenging people to tell a story and make others laugh in a matter of seconds. Vine has since shuttered, but its short-form video legacy lives on. Short-form video: The next big thing in digital marketing


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