Styles in Capture One are a Set of Pre-made Adjustments

Phase One has already released multiple Styles Pack since the beginning of the summer. Today, they announced their brand new Film Styles Pack and I had the chance to play around for a few days before it was officially announced. Rather than offering you a simple release article, I thought a review would be more useful. After four weddings and a couple of portrait sessions edited with it, here are my thoughts and why this might just be the perfect pack for VSCO lovers who rely on Capture One for their professional photo editing work.

The Styles in Capture One are a set of pre-made adjustments, or what some other photo editing apps like to call presets (not to be mixed up with Capture One’s presets). A style can contain exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, color balance, and many other adjustments so that you can either quickly batch edit images or apply a style a signature style.

It’s a great way to start your postproduction workflow with a result that looks more like the finished result you have in mind without losing control over the editing process. When you apply a Style, you can further refine it to get closer to your creative vision, or you can stack multiple Styles to obtain the result you wish without moving sliders around. Fstoppers Reviews Capture One Film Styles Pack | Fstoppers


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