The Best Cameras Available this Year

The latest point-and-shoot cameras are still smarter than smartphones and have loads of fun options and easy-to-use settings good for amateurs and pros traveling light.

And most can now wirelessly pair with your phone to get those pics out quick on social media.But how easy are they to get to grips with, given that no one wants to spend their vacation with their nose in the manual, bamboozled by jargon?I played with each of these cameras for a week to create reviews based on how easy it is to learn to use them quickly.

For comparison, I put them through the same tests in the same spots.These include: Wide angle and zoom shots around the Houses of Parliament in London.

There’s also some loss of quality caused by optimizing them for the Internet.We’ll add more soon, but here are six of the best travel cameras available right now:Fujifilm X-A10 1/15.slider-slide > img {width: 100%; display: block;}Wide shot: The Fujifilm X-A10 comes with an interchangeable lens. 6 best travel cameras in 2017 | CNN Travel


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