The Latest Camera You Need

I had the glorious opportunity to play with the highly-anticipated (at least for me) upgrade from the D810, the D850. I wanted to touch on a few things, namely the hype and if one really needs this new camera. For me, absolutely I do and I’ll explain why. This isn’t a review of the D850, but just a few key things that I was really wondering about and needed to know before upgrading.

While waiting for the D850 announcement, I’m not ashamed to admit I was refreshing the news page a lot. I even set up a notifier for when the Nikon news page was updated I’d receive a text. The reason? I’ve always been a gear junkie and I always want the newest coolest hottest thing. But in this case I have an excuse. See, I shoot primarily with a Zeiss 85mm f/1.4. With precise manual focus I can accurately achieve critical focus right where I need it. I primarily do that with live view off a tripod. It’s just my shooting style; it won’t work for everyone but for me it does.

So I literally each day was saying: “If you just give me a D810 with focus peaking, that’ll be good enough. I’ll buy it.” Because let’s face it, the D810 is a great camera and already smokes Canon’s best offering in the thing that I find more important than most other features: dynamic range. The D850 improving on that even in a slight way would put Canon two generations behind.

Focus peaking is a game changer for those that shoot manual focus lenses, mostly from a workflow perspective. Sure, we can already achieve critical focus, but it’s a bit more work: live view, zoom in, pan around, shoot then next frame, click zoom, zoom again. It’s not the most fun thing. Playing With the D850: Do You Really Need That Newest Camera? | Fstoppers


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