Kardinal Offishall Music Video

My favorite music video that I directed & produced for Kardinal Offishall. We shot it on film using 16mm and Super 8mm cameras we had multi camera setups for everything. It was a lot of fun because we did this video totally run and gun, no permits, no licenses, just raw energy.

We cross processed the film to achieve some of the strong looks and grain as well, we color graded it at Deluxe in Toronto for that added variety of cinematic looks. We had the very talented Joe Eigo as our main actor and stunt man. Joe had been a body double and stunt man in many Hollywood films and worked on Jackie Chan’s stunt team. He is incredibly talented and a lot of fun to work with.

There’s a scene in the video with a tunnel on fire, that was amazing fun and luckily no one got hurt or went to jail because we didn’t have permission to blow it up. A good friend of mine and pyro tech at the time set up the explosion for us inside the Brick Works complex that at the time was a boarded up and condemned building with squatters and drug addicts living in it. We broke in during the day rigged it and set up the shot and went at it. Sadly, one of our crew members who shall remain nameless,  pulled the kibosh on the shot and started yelling and running away when he saw the fire ball approaching and that set a chain reaction of two of my camera operators running away so we had limited footage of this amazing one shot explosion in a tunnel. At least I have the memory of it and you can see the few shots we managed to get in the can.

Not even 5 minutes after the explosion we had 3 cop cars 2 fire trucks and an ambulance to greet us in the parking lot, apparently walkers by called 911 when they saw the ball of smoke coming out of the building. My friend and pyro tech, who shall remain nameless 😉 headed straight into the forest surrounding the complex. It was a gong show, here he is sweating, smelling like gasoline and dirty with dust and soot, so he had to bail like Sylvester Stallone in First Blood right into the forest dirty and bleeding. The crew and I  dispersed and everyone went their own way to avoid being connected with the explosion. I stayed put waiting for the cops to question me at which point I was able to sell them on the idea that I had no idea of what was going on I was just hanging out here when I saw it and so it went. Free. We took off to the next location and I returned later that night to get our friend from the woods where he had been hiding for 5 hours until everything cooled down.

Overall its my favorite music video work because of the experience its raw energy and style. I was given complete creative control and the artist, Kardinal Offishall,  to his credit trusted me to create something great on a very limited budget especially since this was my first music video.


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