Tricks Professional Food Photographers Use to Make Pictures Look Delicious

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of eating a disappointing fast food meal that looks nothing like the tempting advertisements that made you crave it in the first place. But how do photographers make the food you see in advertisements look so incredible? Strangely enough, the answer is never just Photoshop.

INSIDER spent a day shadowing professional food photographer Steve Giralt, whose work can be seen in Shutterstock and Offset (the high-end offshoot of Shutterstock), as well as food stylist Emma Feigenbaum and prop stylist Paola Andrea. The three of them worked together to create stunning photos of steak and lambchops for Offset.

“A lot of companies have the policy of  ‘as long as you’re using real food, no matter how you dress it up, it’s fine,’” Emma Feigenbaum said. “If a diet or frozen foods company uses bell peppers — say — you’re allowed to swap them out for fresh peppers […] Sometimes, I’ll dig through 200 packages to find the perfect combination of photogenic ingredients and make a Frankenstein food.”

For the Offset photoshoot, Feigenbaum made the food right on set before Giralt shot it live, but oftentimes when food stylists and photographers work for advertisers, the perfect-looking food can be a few days old.

“I was doing a Thanksgiving dinner shoot for a clothing advertisement and we made three turkeys at the beginning of the four-day shoot,”Feigenbaum said. “We had to leave them outside, and every day that they didn’t use them, we had to juice them back up and make the turkeys look like new. When they finally put the turkeys on the table, they smelled so bad that everyone was gagging. Weirdly enough, they didn’t even end up using footage of the turkeys!” 10 crazy tricks professional food photographers use to make their pictures look so delicious | Business Insider


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