Why Do So Many Corporate Videos Suck?

A great corporate video is powerful and effective, with eye-catching visuals and a compelling story that reaches clients. Each clip should have personality, humanize your brand, and connect emotionally with viewers. Unfortunately, a lot of attempts fall short of these goals, wasting time and money along the way. Here are five reasons why so many corporate videos do not produce great results:

1 – Unclear Objectives

Many companies don’t take the time to clearly define the purpose, goals, and objectives for the videos they produce.  They know video is important for their marketing plans, but without clearly defining how it will be used, delivered, and how success will be measured, too much room is left for it to go wrong.  Take the time to clearly define the purpose of the video by asking yourself the following questions: Why are you creating the video?  Who is your target audience?  What do you want them to do at the end of the video?   Have you aligned the video with your SEO objectives and keywords?

2 – Not well planned

In order to execute well you have to plan well.  Work with your video production company to come up with a clear plan that includes the following: clear objectives (per above), a well written script, pre-scouted locations, pre-selected talent, a shot list including special shots that extra equipment might be required, for example: drones, booms, rails etc., and a schedule with room for flexibility.  Without these elements your shoot day will be chaotic, lack focus, frustrate those involved, and in all likelihood will result in a poorly finished product.

3 – Highlights Features But Not BenefitsCorporate Videos Videographer

The features of a service, product, or business are very different from the resulting benefits for clients. A company that talks about itself too much can be off-putting, and is unlikely to boost phone calls and sales. Instead, focus on how your unique platform will benefit clients. How will you make the client’s life easier? What can you offer that your close competitors do not? Help viewers understand how you will serve them and why they should call, book, or buy.

4 – Feels Stiff or Staged

Some corporate video production companies use a “one size fits all” approach to filmmaking. If you and your team do what others are doing, or what your business has been doing all along, your film projects will suffer. For starters, avoid stereotypical corporate settings, overly enthusiastic actors, old-fashioned animations, and overused background music. Drop any buzzwords and use an authentic approach. Finally, do not stick to a single location such as an office. Scout multiple locations within the building, and include b-roll footage to add additional visual interest and personality. Being personable, and showcasing the human side of your business will make it easier for viewers to connect with your brand.

5 – Poor Script-Writing

No matter how strong your internal marketing team is, they may not know how to write in a way that balances the script, lighting, shot lengths, voiceovers, and b-roll footage. Knowledge of the production process is essential for keeping viewers engaged. Start with a strong purpose and remember the reason for creating a film project in the first place. Follow through with a compelling story that gives viewers a reason to keep watching. Finally, include a strong call to action that inspires action.

6 – Many Corporate Videos are Too Long or Overwhelming

Although humans are primarily visual creatures, most of us also have short attention spans. The longer a clip is, the less likely audiences are to view it to completion. Similarly, trying to cram too much information into a short ad spot  will also reduce effectiveness. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Using too many words in the voiceover
  • Overusing animation
  • Having an unclear internal structure
  • Relying on short shot lengths
  • Keep in mind that the more visual and auditory information you include, the less viewers will be able to remember.

7 – Afraid to be Creative

The worst trap for businesses creating a corporate video production is feeling afraid to be creative. Do you have a prefixed mindset of what your footage should be like? Are you worried about alienating viewers or tarnishing your brand’s professional image? The right crew will help you be creative without losing anything in the process. The goal is to present your message in a unique, eye-catching way. Consider how humor, animations, visual effects, locations, and the script can be used to enhance your message without drowning it out.

Take a Step Back

Before embarking on another film project, take a step back and review your previous attempts. Do any of the above shortcomings apply? Adjust your process accordingly, combining your time and resources with the right team, to see results. After all, your ads, promotional materials, and internal projects deserve more than the status quo.

We Can Help!

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